Innovative Chemical and Material Technologies

TensTech Inc. is a research company that focuses on developing new and innovative chemical and material based technologies. Our vision is to carry out focused research/development projects based on clearly identified internal product goals, in support of grant based projects, in support of the commercialization of university developed technologies and in joint research/development efforts with small to medium sized chemical companies. We work in the expectation that our efforts will have a significant impact on targeted applications and chemical markets.

Specific equipment assets in our laboratory include:

  • Chemical synthesis: Glass and stainless steel reactors ranging from 50 mls to 8 kg capacity.  Ability to carry out reactions under pressure and vacuum. Experienced in the synthesis of esters, amides, sulfonates, polyols and a wide range of low molecular weight polymers.

  • Surface analysis: We have the ability to measure surface properties such as run off angles, surface advancing and receding contact angles, contact angle stability, wicking rates and absorption as a function of time.  In addition, we have access to a wide range of advanced microscopy and instrumental methods for surface analysis.

  • Viscosity and Rheology: A high temperature rheometer (50-250ºC) and a wide variety of other equipment for measuring viscosity (-60 to >100ºC).

  • Applications testing: TensTech has access to a wide range of fiber/fabric development and testing capabilities including the extrusion of mono-filament fibers, the weaving of developmental fabric samples and the testing of surface frictional properties under a wide range of conditions.  TensTech has full access to North Carolina State Universities advanced fiber, fabric and material testing capabilities.

    In addition, TensTech has designed and developed specialized laboratory equipment designed to quantify performance properties under specific end use or performance conditions.  In this area, TensTech supports both the US Military and for industrial customers.  TensTech also has experience in working with industrial and academic partners to provide development and commercialization support for University developed technology.