Innovative Chemical and Material Technologies

TensTech Inc. is a research company that focuses on developing new and innovative chemical and material based technologies. Our vision is to carry out focused research/development projects based on internally identified product goals, in support of grant based projects, in support of the commercialization of university developed technologies and in joint research/development efforts with small to medium sized chemical companies. We work in the expectation that our efforts will have a significant impact on targeted applications and chemical markets.


Employees at TensTech, Inc. are a close knit team of chemical professionals who have mastered the art of creative chemistry.  Their desire is to design, synthesize, develop and commercialize chemical and material technologies that can the impact the world in a positive way.   They understand how to work with technical partners, to establish efficient research programs directed at identifying promising new basic technologies and then to translate these basic technologies into new, commercial technologies and products.  


The Chemical Industry has largely abandoned research into new products and materials in favor of focused, short-term development and current product enhancement programs.  At TensTech, we believe that the future of chemical and advanced material research and early stage development is in small, innovative companies where new thinking and creative approaches to technical problems can emerge and be developed in an efficient manner.  We believe that new technologies can emerge from the joint efforts of innovation based companies, working in concert with larger, production focused companies and that this approach will provide the basis for the new chemical and material technologies of the future.


TensTech, Inc. is committed to a working environment based on open innovation and productive engagement, that provides the basis for rapid and efficient technology development.  We believe that we can provide that rare combination of committed researchers and managers that are dedicated to their technical art, together with a corporate structure that moves newly developed technologies forward into early stage commercialization.   It is in this context, that new and dynamic technologies can emerge  from the laboratory and move forward to change and improve the world.

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