Innovative Chemical and Material Technologies

TensTech Inc. is a research company that focuses on developing new and innovative chemical and material based technologies. Our vision is to carry out focused research/development projects based on clearly identified internal product goals, in support of grant based projects, in support of the commercialization of university developed technologies and in joint research/development efforts with small to medium sized chemical companies. We work in the expectation that our efforts will have a significant impact on targeted applications and chemical markets.

TensTech, Inc. is a research and development company that focuses on new and innovative chemicals and materials.  Our core commitment is to the synthesis, development and commercialization of new technologies.

Our current research and technology portfolio includes: 

  • New chemical technologies including a new, unique classes of ester based materials materials for lubrication and cosmetic/skin care applications,

  • Functional, low molecular weight polymers for hair care applications along with other industrial and consumer applications. 

  • New structured micro-cellulose forms for applications ranging from food to polymer additives.

  • Commercial development of university based technologies for the durable modification of polymer surfaces.

  • Advanced fabric technology based on fiber structure and surface modification.

 TensTech has carried out research under USDA and SBIR grants, directed at the development of specific advanced materials for commercial or military applications. 

TensTech currently works with several small and med-sized chemical companies to develop new materials designed to expand their technology base within existing commercial markets.  This work is carried out using our 'low cost of entry' model that allows companies to explore the potential for new materials or new technology platforms based on low initial costs and without an extended financial commitment.  TensTech, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to discuss new product or technology needs and how, together, we can meet the future product demands within your specific market areas.

Dr. Thomas Theyson
Technical Director
TensTech, Inc.