Innovative Chemical and Material Technologies

TensTech Inc. is a research company that focuses on developing new and innovative chemical and material based technologies. Our vision is to carry out focused research/development projects based on clearly identified internal product goals, in support of grant based projects, in support of the commercialization of university developed technologies and in joint research/development efforts with small to medium sized chemical companies. We work in the expectation that our efforts will have a significant impact on targeted applications and chemical markets.

Technologies and Markets at TensTech Inc.

  • Advance lubricant technologies (technology now being spun-off into a start up company - Symmetry Lubricants):

    Lubrication is a cri

    • New class of intermediate molecular weight, low viscosity, high viscosity index lubricants

    • New materials for use as lubricant additives (IV and film strength improvers)

  • Materials for polymer surface modification:

    • Low molecular weight polymers for surface modification via topical application

    • Melt additives for surface modification and control

    • Advanced technology for highly durable surface modification on a range of material surfaces

  •  Specialty low molecular weight block copolymers:  

    • Polymers  for use in a range of applications ranging from printing to surface modification to cosmetics

  • New cosmetic component technologies:

    • New class of emoluments with very long play times

    • New non-ionic hair conditioner technology

    • Polar, but water insoluble carriers for sunscreen and related applications

    • Stabilizing carriers for botanical actives

  • Advance surfactant technologies:

    • Surface active materials with targeted secondary properties

    • Surfactant packages that disappear after a moderate heat treatment

    • Surfactants based on renewable materials

    • Surfactants having ultra low skin and eye irritation properties

  •  New cellulosic micro-forms:

    • Cellulosic micro-fibrils with utility as food addiitve and in a rnage of industrial markets

    • Cellulose micro-sheets with utility as rheological modifier for food

  • New wax technologies:

    • New high melt point hydrophilic and hydrophobic waxes

    • New waxes having very low  coefficients of friction

  • New pharmaceutical adjuvant materials

    • Bitterness suppressing technolog

    • Stabilizing carriers for pharmaceutical applications

  • Chemicals for construction applications:

    • Additives for concrete and plaster that enhance the performance properties of these materials

  • New class of hydrophilic elastomers:

    • A new class of highly hydrophilic elastomeric materials