Innovative Chemical and Material Technologies

TensTech Inc. is a research company that focuses on developing new and innovative chemical and material based technologies. Our vision is to carry out focused research/development projects based on clearly identified internal product goals, in support of grant based projects, in support of the commercialization of university developed technologies and in joint research/development efforts with small to medium sized chemical companies. We work in the expectation that our efforts will have a significant impact on targeted applications and chemical markets.

Technologies and Markets

  • Advance Lubricant Technologies (Now being spun-off into a start up company - Symmetry Lubricants):

    Lubrication is a very large, critical world market and improved materials offer the potential for significant energy savings and enhanced equipment life. TensTech currently has under development a new class of intermediate molecular weight, low viscosity, high viscosity index, low pour point base lubricants that will find application in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

    In addition, TensTech has recently identified a second new class of low viscosity, high molecular weight lubricants that have significant market potential.

  •  Low Molecular Weight Block Copolymers:  

    The modification and control of material surface properties is a cost efficient method for providing topically applied, new and desirable properties for a range of materials. TensTech has pioneered new material development in this area and products developed by them are currently being evaluated in a range of applications including:

    • Hair conditioning

    • Durable polymer surface modification

    • Printing ink component

  • New Cosmetic Component Technologies:

    • New class of emoluments with very long play times

    • New cleaning agents with extremely low skin and eye irritation

    • Polar, but water insoluble carriers for sunscreen and related applications

    • Stabilizing carriers for botanical actives

  • Advanced Surfactant Technology:

    • Surface active materials with targeted secondary properties

    • Surfactant that disappear after a moderate heat treatment

  •  New Cellulosic Micro-Forms:

    TensTech has research and is now developing applications for several new, highly crystaline cellulose micro form. These materials have potential applications in areas ranging from food to advanced coatings to composites to advanced paper structures.

  • Chemicals for Construction Applications:

    TensTech has developed and is now commercializing additives to enhance the performance of concrete and plaster.